Sukam Inverter Price in South Africa (2024)

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In South Africa, where reliable electricity can be a luxury, finding the right power solution is paramount. Sukam, a renowned Indian brand, has emerged as a top choice for many seeking dependable inverters to bridge the gap left by the country’s power challenges. With a wide range of products catering to residential, domestic, and industrial needs, Sukam stands out for its quality, reliability, and performance.

Sukam Inverters: Powering South African Homes and Businesses

If you’re considering investing in an inverter to address your electricity deficit in South Africa, Sukam offers a compelling solution. Let’s delve into the details of Sukam inverters and explore their availability and pricing in the South African market.

Exploring Sukam Inverter Prices in South Africa

Sukam offers a diverse range of inverters in South Africa, catering to various needs in terms of size, design, and capacity. Here’s a glimpse into the prices of different Sukam inverter models available in the South African market:

  1. Sukam 2.5KVA/48V Inverter + 4 x 200Ah Batteries + Rack + Installation

    • Price: ZAR 79,398.00
    • Special features include:
      • 4-200Ah batteries
      • Mini changeover switch
      • Battery rack for 4 units
      • Cable length of up to 10 yards
  2. Sukam Pure Sinewave Inverter 5KVA/96V 1-Phase ‘Colossal’

    • Price: ZAR 53,730.00
    • Features:
      • Reliable, efficiently regulated Pure Sine Wave Output
      • Suitable for powering lights, air conditioners, lifts, and elevators
      • DSP based PWM technology with MOSFET
  3. Sukam Pure Sinewave Inverter 25KVA/360V 3-Phase ‘Colossal’

    • Price: ZAR 239,085.00
    • Features:
      • LCD panel for monitoring
      • Double Conversion VFI technology
      • Authentic Galvanic Isolation
      • Remote monitoring and control capability
  4. Sukam 5KVA/48V Inverter + 4 x 200Ah Batteries + Rack + Installation

    • Price: ZAR 107,250.00
    • Additional features:
      • Constant, uninterrupted voltage and frequency
      • Smart short circuit protection
      • User-friendly operation and display
  5. Sukam 10KVA/180V Inverter + 15 x 200Ah Batteries + Rack + Installation

    • Price: ZAR 313,830.00
    • Special features:
      • Suitable for large homes, offices, and organizations
      • Fuzzy Logic Charging algorithm for all types of batteries
      • Power fail duration displayed on LCD panel
  6. Sukam 15KVA/360V Inverter + 30 x 200Ah Batteries + Rack + Installation

    • Price: ZAR 573,960.00
    • Additional features:
      • Auto self-test on LCD panel
      • Factory LCD panel for remedial actions and water topping alerts


Sukam inverters offer a reliable and efficient solution to South Africa’s power challenges. With a variety of models catering to different needs and budgets, Sukam ensures that homes, offices, and industries have access to uninterrupted power supply. Invest in Sukam for quality, performance, and peace of mind.


  1. Are Sukam inverters suitable for industrial use?

    • Yes, Sukam offers inverters designed specifically for industrial purposes, with high capacities and robust features to meet heavy-duty power requirements.
  2. Do Sukam inverters come with installation services?

    • Yes, Sukam provides installation services along with their inverters, ensuring proper setup and functionality.
  3. Are Sukam inverters compatible with solar panels?

    • Yes, Sukam offers inverters compatible with solar panels, allowing users to harness solar energy for power generation and reduce reliance on the grid.
  4. What is the warranty period for Sukam inverters?

    • Sukam typically offers warranty periods varying from product to product, ranging from one to several years, ensuring customers’ peace of mind regarding product reliability and performance
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