Water Dispenser Price in South Africa (2024)

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In the quest for clean and healthy drinking water, water dispensers have become a popular choice for many households and businesses in South Africa. With various brands and models available in the market, choosing the right water dispenser can be a daunting task. This guide aims to provide valuable insights into the factors to consider when purchasing a water dispenser in South Africa, along with an overview of popular brands and their prices.

Water Dispenser Prices in South Africa:

Water dispensers come in different types, sizes, and designs, each varying in price depending on factors such as brand, capacity, and features. Below is a breakdown of popular water dispenser brands and their prices in South African Rand (ZAR):

CWAY Water Dispenser Prices:

  • CWAY Water Dispenser Ruby 3F-58B20HL – ZAR 4,500 – ZAR 4,800
  • CWAY Water Dispenser Ruby 2S-BY87 – ZAR 4,300 – ZAR 6,100
  • CWAY Water Dispenser Ruby 4F BYB72 – ZAR 4,000 – ZAR 5,900
  • CWAY Water Dispenser CWM25HC – ZAR 2,800 – ZAR 3,800
  • CWAY Water Dispenser Ruby 6F-BYB53 – ZAR 3,000 – ZAR 4,100
  • CWAY Water Dispenser Executive 1C – 58B24HL – ZAR 2,800 – ZAR 3,800

Maxi Water Dispenser Prices:

  • Maxi 3 Faucets (Hot, Cold, Neutral) Water Dispenser- WD1663S – ZAR 3,500 – ZAR 4,200
  • Maxi 2 Faucets Water Dispenser With Refrigerator- WD1675S – ZAR 2,800 – ZAR 3,600

Panasonic Water Dispenser Prices:

  • Panasonic Top Loading Water Dispenser SDM -WD3238TG – ZAR 4,300 – ZAR 5,000
  • Panasonic WATER DISPENSER WD3128TG – ZAR 4,500 – ZAR 9,200
  • Panasonic Bottom Loading Water Dispenser SDM -WD3438BG – ZAR 5,300 – ZAR 7,000

Scanfrost Water Dispenser Prices:

  • Scanfrost WATER DISPENSER – SFWTDI 1400-1 – ZAR 5,600 – ZAR 6,000
  • Scanfrost WATER DISPENSER SFWD 1402 – ZAR 3,800 – ZAR 5,600

Factors to Consider When Buying a Water Dispenser:

  1. Water Dispenser Capacity: Consider the number of people the dispenser will serve and choose a size accordingly.
  2. Temperature Range: Determine if you need a dispenser with hot, room temperature, and cold water options, or just hot and cold.
  3. Power Consumption Rate: Check the energy efficiency of the dispenser to manage power consumption effectively.
  4. Noise: Ensure the dispenser operates quietly, especially if it will be used in an office environment.
  5. Brand: While popular brands offer reliability, explore lesser-known brands that may offer quality at a lower price.


Investing in a water dispenser is a crucial decision to ensure access to clean and healthy drinking water. By considering factors such as capacity, temperature range, power consumption, noise level, and brand reputation, you can make an informed choice that meets your needs and budget.


1.How do I know the right capacity for my water dispenser?

Consider the number of people who will use the dispenser regularly and choose a capacity that can accommodate their water consumption needs.

2.Are water dispensers energy efficient?

Some models are designed to be energy efficient. Check the energy rating and power consumption rate of the dispenser before making a purchase.

3. Can I find budget-friendly water dispensers?

Yes, there are affordable options available from various brands. Consider lesser-known brands or look for discounts and promotions to find a budget-friendly dispenser

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