List of Barbing Salon Equipment & Prices in Nigeria (2024)

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In Nigeria, opening a barbing salon is a popular business choice for many entrepreneurs. It’s seen as a lucrative venture, particularly because it doesn’t require exorbitant startup costs. However, setting up a standard barbing salon comes with its challenges, primarily involving acquiring the necessary equipment and meeting regulatory requirements.

Basic Requirements:

Before diving into purchasing equipment, securing a barbing license is essential. This certification not only legitimizes your business but also signifies your proficiency as a barber. To obtain a license, you’ll need a physical location for your salon, whether rented or owned.

Equipment and Prices:

Here’s a breakdown of some core equipment required to start a barbing salon and their current market prices in Nigeria:

  1. Clippers: These are crucial tools for any barber. You’ll need at least two clippers of different types, ranging from approximately N8,000 each.
  2. Sterilizer: Vital for maintaining hygiene, sterilizers keep equipment clean and safe for use. Prices start at around N15,000.
  3. Large Wall Mirrors: Essential for both barbers and customers, large mirrors are a staple in any salon setup.
  4. Rotating Chair: Mobility and customer comfort are key, making rotating chairs a necessary investment, starting from N20,000.
  5. Sound System: Music creates a vibrant atmosphere and attracts customers. Prices for sound systems begin at approximately N20,000.
  6. Generator: Given the unreliable power supply, a generator is indispensable. Prices vary but typically start around N50,000.
  7. Air Conditioner or Fan: Prioritizing customer comfort may require investing in cooling systems, with fans starting at N17,000 and air conditioners at around N100,000.

Additional Equipment and Prices:

  • Hair Relaxer: From N1,000
  • Hair Combs (Set): From N1,000
  • Hair Conditioner: From N1,000
  • Barber Cap: From N1,000
  • Long Shaving Brush with Powder Slot: From N1,500
  • Professional Barbers Duster Brush: From N2,000
  • Human Hair Brush: From N1,000
  • Barber’s Neck Strip: From N1,500
  • Neck Tissue Paper: From N2,000


Starting a barbing salon in Nigeria requires careful planning and investment in essential equipment. While the initial costs can vary depending on preferences and location, budgeting around N500,000 is advisable for a comfortable setup. Prioritize hygiene, customer comfort, and regulatory compliance for a successful venture.


1.Do I need a license to open a barbing salon?

Yes, obtaining a barbing license is necessary to operate legally and assures customers of your expertise.

2.What is the minimum investment required to start a salon?

While costs vary, budgeting around N500,000 is recommended for a standard setup.

3.Are there specific regulations to follow when opening a salon?

Yes, each region may have its own set of rules and regulations governing the salon industry. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with these guidelines to ensure compliance.

4.How important is hygiene in a barbing salon?

Hygiene is paramount in a barbing salon to prevent the spread of infections and ensure customer satisfaction. Investing in sterilization equipment is crucial.

5.What are some optional but beneficial amenities for a salon?

Amenities such as a sound system, television, and comfortable seating can enhance the customer experience and attract more clients.

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